i Internatinaol Center of Gurmat Studies

Recently Sikh Missionary College has acquired a 6.5 acre plot having about 80, 000 sq. ft. built up areas at village Chanalon, Near Kurali in District Mohali. It ia proposed to set up a aworld class Campus at chanalon, where people from all over the world can come to learn about the sikh way of life, sikh history, Self development through different zctivities that would be undertaken by the college. Activities proposed to be undertaken at Chanalon campus are :

  • Training Programs for volunteers/ workers of Sikh Missionary College.
  • Courses of higher order for professional preachers
  • Pursuing research studies by Sikh scholars
  • Establishment of  reference library
  • Establishment of Documentation Center
  • Special course for NRIs
  • Publication of Literrature
  • Introductory courses on SIkhism for the Non-Sikhs